How do you enhance a charities market share and income from events fundraising?


WWF wanted to radically increase their market share and income from events fundraising.¬†The problem we needed to solve was how to get a sports audience to choose WWF¬†and¬†to find a way for supporters to talk about their ‘reasons why’.¬†This narrative is¬†well¬†understood with¬†health-based¬†charities, but often a harder sell¬†for environmental¬†and animal-based causes.¬†The challenge was to develop a new¬†creative platform to¬†recruit third-party mass-participation fundraisers, knowing that the current platform was not compelling¬†enough.


With our market insight and knowledge of mass-participant¬†sports events we gathered insight to understand the audience and identify segments for third-party events.Our team then undertook remote ideation sessions with WWF to explore¬†different creative platforms that could demonstrate the ‘reasons why’.¬†Finally, a week-long qualitative process was used to test the three creative platforms, with iterations to messaging and imagery throughout the week.

We developed clear, final strategic recommendations with a tested creative platform and defined supporter journey.