We answer the question, what’s next? 


We take a collaborative approach, combining strategy, insight, and creative design, to create campaigns and event experiences that optimise the power of mass participation to engage, motivate and excite your audience.

Underpinned by our trends research and expertise in marketing, production and project management we are specialists in developing and designing events, and campaigns that we know can deliver.


Our Team

James Kemp

Partner, event nerd, coffee snob, budding woodsman

John Tasker

Partner, opportunity spotter, whippet owner & tea addict.  

Emily Clayton

Marketing Director, excel expert, animal lover & travel enthusiast.

Katie Heaton

Project Director, obsessed with detail, spreadsheet enthusiast, new mum

Lea Blake

Project Director, problem solver, yorkshire tea addict, desperately seeking kittens.

Kit Lewis

Innovation Director, loves terrifyingly big ideas, rides bikes, apprendre le français.

Claire Daniels

Strategy Director,

Charlie Dryden

Commercial & Partnerships Manager, people person, sport mad, rosé drinker.

Ryan Green

Operations Manager, globe trotter, wok master, average golfer

Clare Wallace

Finance Manager, master of numbers, beach lover & plant obsessive.

Hannah Blackstock

Project Manager, list maker, travel adventurer, skiing lover

Jennifer Graham

Project Manager,  proofreading, whizz long-time runner, cake lover

Grace Blakeney

Project Coordinator, detailed planner, wine lover, secret chess fanatic.

Ida Taseva

Strategy Coordinator,  data analyst, puzzle enthusiast, chocolate lover

Cleo Henry

Researcher, analytical whizz, bookworm & advice column enthusiast.

Where we came from

Massive was founded in 2013 by John Tasker and James Kemp. With over 20 years experience working in the sector between us, we have built a team of experts who know everything there is to know about achieving mass participation event success.

From tough-mudders to coffee mornings, organising racing cars and running people, we’ve been party to some extraordinary large-scale events in every corner of the globe. Together, we’re 100% dedicated to designing, developing and delivering mass events for our clients, that inspire and engage every step of the way.

Join Our Team

People and relationships are at the heart of our business, as of course is our love of a big event! We are always looking out for new talent who share this enthusiasm to join our team.

If you are interested in finding out more about working with us, drop us an email or use our contact us form to get in touch. In addition, we regularly post opportunities on this site to volunteer at our events and offer internships throughout the year in areas such as marketing and event logistics.


We offer a full suite of agency services focussed entirely on, and optimised for, mass participation event design, development and delivery.

From bespoke research to campaign strategy, product innovation to project management support – we have the experience and specialist skills to support your team every step of the way.