We design mass participation propositions that engage audiences, deliver income, and meet your team’s objectives.

With a bespoke approach for every client, we build and test insight-led propositions that engage and excite your audiences. We can lead the innovation process end-to-end or provide supplementary support with insight, ideation or testing as needed. 

Typically, a full innovation cycle includes: 

Bespoke audience research and market analysis

Bespoke audience research and market analysis, giving you a deep understanding of your consumers and context 

Strategy development

Strategy development, identifying the richest areas for opportunities and helping you define success criteria for new ideas 

Idea development and design. We bring together stakeholders from across your business with our team of experts to design winning ideas that meet the brief 

Prototype testing

Prototype testing. Using quantitative and qualitative audience methods, we test and iterate ideas to give you the greatest confidence taking new events to market