Formula 1 Branding & Wayfinding


We started working with FOM in 2018 when we were contracted as consultants to oversee the delivery and development of the official fan zones at their 21 races across the world.

Continuing our work into 2019, we worked with the Formula 1 team to increase audience engagement at all the live events.

Throughout 2020 we have worked with Formula 1 to explore other avenues through which to promote fan engagement at the events, including Run the Track and Fan Festivals. In 2022 this work extended into branding and wayfinding as our team rolled out the design, print and installation of key branding assets across major European races.


Our team have implemented wayfinding and branding solutions for a number of European races to enhance the fan experience.

Working with our print partners, we designed and installed all the branding assets across the circuit from finger pointers to scrim.

We are continuing to work with F1 into 2023, rolling out the branding instillations at more races next year as F1 looks at enhancing the fan experience at more tracks.