The Virtual Fundraising Monitor 2021

A year ago, with the country in and out of lockdown, events cancelled, enforced home working, and the pandemic putting charity budgets under pressure, the mass participation fundraising world had been turned on its head.

Physical mass participation events were forced to pivot quickly, new virtual fundraising events were created and existing digital challenges adapted to cope with demand, as charities across the sector rose to the challenge.

In this fast-changing world, we partnered with JustGiving to produce The Virtual Fundraising Monitor with the aim of helping charities understand the new mass participation fundraising landscape, share learnings and help people make the most of these new opportunities.

12 months on, it’s time for an update. So, after this period of rapid innovation and creativity, new platform launches, the rise of Facebook fundraisers, and changes in how people live and work, how do things look now? What has changed in the last year? And where are the new opportunities to get more from both physical mass participation and virtual fundraising events in the year ahead?


Our insight