The Virtual Fundraising Monitor

What are the latest trends in virtual events? How do you develop a successful virtual fundraising event? Which have been biggest virtual fundraising campaigns this year? What effect does pivoting to virtual have on fundraising? How much do the biggest virtual events spend on marketing?

When the world was forced to go virtual in March 2020 these were all questions we were keen to find the answers to. We wanted to understand the virtual events market. How the pandemic has effected event fundraising and what defines a successful virtual fundraising event.

In our latest report, the Virtual Fundraising Monitor we aim to answer these questions and share useful insights to help you get more out of virtual mass participation events and campaigns.

Produced in partnership with JustGiving the report brings together data from 150 virtual events, interviews with the people behind some of the most successful campaigns since lockdown and insights from the teams at JustGiving and Massive.


Our insight