the uk’s largest charity owned mass participation fundraising events

Which are the most successful mass participation events in UK? Which charities have adapted and thrived during the pandemic and continue to drive fundraising? What are the trends in mass participation events and how can you organise a successful fundraising campaign?

Massive have been reporting on the largest charity owned mass participation events for 8 years, with 2020 being a year like absolutely no other for mass participation fundraising events. While the impact of lockdown meant event income fell significantly, the final results tell a surprisingly positive story. 

This year we saw charities successfully make the change from physical mass participation events to virtual ones. The sector responded incredibly effectively to the challenges of lockdown. 

We’re expecting mass participation events will be back in force next year, but we don’t expect things to go back to how they were. Charities have learned a lot from what’s happened in the last 18 months, and we expect to see a lot more hybrid events, combining physical and virtual, for the best of both worlds. 

If you want to  know more, if you want to develop your own digital fundraising event or want support to protect or grow income from your own outdoor mass participation event, download the report and get in touch to start the discussion.


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