How do you provide insight to ensure that the charities strategies and new product development projects meets their audiences demands?

The Opportunity

In 2019, CPRE (the countryside charity) asked us to work with them to develop a fundraising strategy and portfolio from scratch. They wanted a variety of insight projects and methodologies to ensure that the strategy and product development met audience needs, as well as sense-checking at key junctures.

The highlights

We conducted preliminary qualitative research with CPRE’s new target audiences to understand their motivation, their understanding of the cause and how this impacted their relationship with the charity. Using this segmentation, we created target areas for growth and innovation. We have also carried out extensive Facebook smoke-testing, including surveying, to compare innovation options and understand which demographics responded to different articulations of the cause. At a later stage in the innovation process, we carried out a prototype of a virtual product and used mood mapping, self-diarising and teledepth interviews to measure participant engagement and fundraising success. This use of various models and methods throughout the process has meant that CPRE can base every single strategic decision on a solid base of insight which is rooted in real audience needs. We are now working with the charity on a first-year pilot of a mass-participation product.